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Tradition Espresso 1 kg

Tradition Espresso 1 kg

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Powerful and sweet with a full body. Dominating flavours of dark chocolate, roasted nuts, vanilla, brown spice and dried fruits.

Origin: Brasil, San Sebastiao da Grama

Variety: Yellow Bourbon
Process: Pulped natural

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Recreio is a family owned farm belonging to the Machaedo family. Diogo is the 4th generation producer in this family and his farm has continuously delivered impressive coffee for a long time. The farm is situated on a slightly higher altitude than most farms in the area which helps during maturation but also gives a controlled post harvest processing due to lower temperatures.

As early as 2005 the farm won the Cup of Excellence in Brasil and continue to strive towards excellence within the specialty coffee segment. We are now showcasing our 4th season with this producer and look forward to the years ahead.