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El Salvador Menendez Filter 250 g

El Salvador Menendez Filter 250 g

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Miguel Sr carries out his family’s affairs in the third generation. With long experience, their state has developed into a real model example.

The cauliflowers grow at 1300-1600 meters above sea level and the harvest season is between October and March. The coffee is treated with the wash method with the exception that so-called ECO pulp is used instead of the fermentation pools, whereby the sweet “mucilage” of the coffee bar is removed already in the peeling step. This makes the processing of coffee and controlling the end result more accurate.

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Family Menendez, under the leadership of Miguel Sr, gives us this stunning coffee with creamy sweetness as well as milk chocolate, tofu and orange tones. The coffee is bought from their four farms: Las Delicias, El Rosario, Buena Vista and Santa Barbara.

The crops are part of the Mexican zone of Panama, a natural zone that offers a favorable habitat for thousands of birds, butterflies and insects. In addition to the Bourbon variety typical of the area, Pacamara, Geisha and Caturra also grow in crops. The cultivation of all varieties is combined with a passionate attitude towards quality and the most important, ie what coffee tastes in the cup.


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