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Colombia Decaf Filter 250 g

24,00 lv.

Columbia Decaf’s taste is fresh in sweetness, and aftertaste is very pure and enjoyable in nature. We dare to assert that this is the best coffee that you have ever tasted in Guarantee.

In June 2011, Johan&Nyström were working on Huila’s coffee planks in southern Colombia. Their interest arose when we visited a cafeteria station in the Manizales town. DESCAFECOL produces the latest technology, utilizing some of the best caffeine-free coffee beans, and the ingredients for the quality and taste of raw materials are just obsessive. The whole process is based on the fact that the drying process of fresh berries is immediately started at the nearby drying desks.


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El Salvador Menendez Filter 250 g

20,00 lv.

Miguel Sr carries out his family’s affairs in the third generation. With long experience, their state has developed into a real model example.

The cauliflowers grow at 1300-1600 meters above sea level and the harvest season is between October and March. The coffee is treated with the wash method with the exception that so-called ECO pulp is used instead of the fermentation pools, whereby the sweet “mucilage” of the coffee bar is removed already in the peeling step. This makes the processing of coffee and controlling the end result more accurate.

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Guracho Filter 250 g

22,00 lv.

The coffee originates from the district of Karcha, close to the village Kakie in the Guji region. Guji is in the Sidamo province, famous for producing coffees with citric tones and bright acidity.

Origin: Karcha, Sidamo, Ethiopia

Varietal: Heirloom Typica (Guji)

Process: Washed

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La Esperanza Filter 250 g

22,00 lv.

Cupping notes: Intense with chocolates, marachino cherries, nuts & marzipan. Sweet cup, soft acidity and full body.

Origin: Guatemala, Huehuetenango

Varietal: Bourbon, Caturra

Process: Washed

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